Broken Rice

Broken rice refers to grains of rice that have fractured or shattered during the milling process. These fragments are shorter and smaller than whole rice grains. Here is some information about broken rice:

1. Milling Process: Broken rice occurs during the milling of rice, where the outer husk, bran layers, and sometimes the endosperm may be fractured, resulting in broken grains.

2. Varieties: Broken rice can come from various types of rice, including long-grain, medium-grain, and short-grain varieties.

3. Classification:
– Head Rice: Intact whole grains of rice that are separated during the milling process.
– Broken Rice: The smaller, broken fragments that result from the milling process.

4. Uses:
– Food Industry: Broken rice is often used in the food industry for various purposes like rice flour, rice cakes, and snacks.
– Animal Feed: It is also utilized as a component in animal feed.

5. Cooking: Broken rice cooks faster than whole grains and is used in dishes like rice porridge, congee, and rice puddings.

6. Nutrition: Broken rice has similar nutritional content to whole rice, although it may cook slightly differently due to its smaller size.

7. Economic Considerations: Broken rice is less expensive than whole rice grains, making it an economical option for certain food applications.

8. Culinary Uses:
– In some cultures, broken rice is preferred for certain dishes due to its specific texture and cooking characteristics.

9. Availability:
– Broken rice is widely available and is often used in countries where rice is a staple food.

10. Export and Trade:
– Countries that produce a significant amount of broken rice may export it to other regions for various uses.

11. Rice Grading:
– Broken rice is classified based on the percentage of broken grains, with categories like “100% Broken Rice” indicating that all the grains are broken.

12. Storage:
– Like whole rice, broken rice should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality.



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